The Pilgrim’s Table…

The Pilgrim’s Table…

“Joining them at the table for supper, he took bread and blessed it and broke it, then gave it to them.”

Luke 24:30

We are all invited to the table.

We are all welcome to the table.

Come join us at the table.

Weary pilgrims we may be but there is a place we can rest and share our journeys together – of how far we have walked, of where we have been, what sores and blisters cover our feet, of scratches from low-hanging branches and mud-splattered marks.

At the table you can rest your wearied feet from wandering.

At the table you can lift your voice to sing, ‘Oh what a joy it is to follow Him, through valley, mountain, mire or desert, yet follow Him I will…’

At the table you can enjoy the pleasures of His food, break bread with a passing stranger, share wine with a fellow pilgrim.

What stories we each and every one have to tell! Of how we fought with the dragon of despair whilst Jesus cheered for the victory. Or how the barren woman after many years of pain finally gave birth on a joy-filled day. Or how a long, hard suffering one was finally led to peace on the day he went to heaven after a long fight with cancer.

Each story speaks the name of Jesus. Each story speaks the victory of Jesus, even the stories filled with pain, even the stories that seem unfinished. Each story is spoken into the earth and connects us all.

So come and share your story at the table, gather round, find peace, find love, find yourself amongst the others, find Jesus…

This beautiful picture God shown to me of those who share and write their stories for God. Each Kingdom Creative is on a journey of their own with God, walking through their own story of life on this earth. Yet it is the coming together, the communion with each other, that we share those stories and are transformed by them.

Will you come to the Pilgrim’s Table today?

You will always find Jesus at the table…

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