Kingdom Stories…

Kingdom Stories…

I often look at people, strangers in the street that I have never met, and wonder what is your story? We, each of us, have Kingdom stories within us. Some of our stories are full of victory and speak the name of Jesus but other stories are quietly unfinished. Perhaps it was something that began in you and you stepped out to follow that path but it came to a dead-end. Perhaps many years have passed by since that story began and it has become a dead thing within you.

What strands of your story seem to have died? What chapters in your life seem to make no sense? Does it look like your story isn’t chronological, that it has skipped from moment to moment? Is there things missing? Or perhaps you just long for it all to make sense? You ache for a conclusion.

There has been a number of stories within me that have felt that way. They felt like unforgotten chapters of my life that served no purpose but worse than that – it brought pain. Now I am living out those mysterious chapters as they touch the present moment. It is always healing we long for the most.

Yet it wasn’t until I started to write Christian fiction and began to see the world from my character’s perspectives that God gave me a huge revelation. In my last story that I wrote, the main character Melissa has a revelation:

“She began to realise in that moment that she did not need her story to make sense anymore, to have a perfect beginning, middle and end, for every problem to be solved or fixed – she just needed His love. It was better.”

What story is holding you back today, is keeping you from His love?

I’ve always been a problem solver, a neat happy-ending girl. I didn’t really like stories that seemed to have no conclusion. But God has shown me this year that we have to embrace the mystery of His authorship. He is creating in us every day and what He has for us is greater than we can ever imagine.

Will you embrace God as the author of your life today?

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