I have been writing in a quiet place for over nine years now figuring out who I am as a writer and why I feel called to write.

I have written other blogs before, I started a memoir in 2015, I have explored the realms of poetry, letter-writing, journalling, I even decided to go to University in 2015 and study English in hopes that I would improve my journey of writing.

With every passing year, I learnt something new about myself and why I always felt led back to the written word. Yet it was not until this year that God finally showed me that writing is first and foremost for the Kingdom. I am on a journey of discovering this new way of writing and being and I look forward to sharing it with you!

I also have a deep passion for mental health and soul well-being. After having been on an ongoing journey of anxiety and pain I find myself constantly wanting to give voice to those deep well of emotions and the inner world of our lives. Yet I want to also encourage you that God will never leave you where you are – if you are in anxiety, pain, depression or are just feeling broken from this world, He will bring you wholeness and healing.

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