A Kingdom Creative

A Kingdom Creative

I never thought I’d start up a blog during such a time as this. The world is growing evermore uncertain or perhaps I am beginning to realise it was never certain in the first place!

So I wanted to create a little space where I could come and share some of my thoughts and journey of how I am learning to become a Kingdom Creative in this world.

I have been a been on this road of Christianity since 2011 and in 2016 gave my life to Jesus. It has not been an instant transformation but a long road of deep healing, learning to surrender but most importantly letting myself be loved by Jesus. I can honestly hold my hands up and say, “I am not where I was…” but there has been a lot of pain and the road has not always been easy.

It was sometime in 2013 that I began to write a little. At that time I was in a place of deep darkness overwhelmed by the circumstances of life but I found something in the act of writing.

I have since then found myself picking up the pen over and over, particularly in times of trouble or uncertainty and there has been much healing through those words. Yet it was not until this year that God began to show me more about this urge that comes over me to write.

I always saw writing as something that was separate – it was just something I did, something perhaps someone may have enjoyed or even something that perhaps with time I could get good at. I began to cling to it as part of my identity – it seemed to be the one good thing I could do.

It wasn’t until one day, when I was on the verge of giving it up and letting it slip through my hands – that in prayer God showed me what I had been missing. I did give writing up that day but not in the way I expected. I surrendered it to God and God gave it back to me entirely brand new.

Writing isn’t just something you do, or something you become good at, or something you wait for others to enjoy – it is for the Kingdom. I have been called to write for the Kingdom and there are others out there who are also called.

What I believed was just a creative part of my personality was actually a calling to purpose. Perhaps you were like me and you wrote words that didn’t seem to be no longer of worth after they were birthed and sent out into the world. That blog post did not get any likes, or the poem was misunderstood, or perhaps you still have that novel hiding away in your top drawer, words yet uncovered to the world. But nothing is wasted in the Kingdom!!! The moment I heard this I was full of joy – NOTHING is wasted in the Kingdom! There is much to be filled with hope and much to be filled with purpose.

I am beginning to discover what it is to be a Kingdom Creative – it does not look like the world’s perspective of creativity but it is walking in freedom. Kingdom first, creativity second. Just like those who sing because they worship the Lord, we write because we are first being written.

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